Sunday Social

 Today I am linking up with Neely and Ashley for the Sunday Social link up!
I know,  I am a day late, but I didn’t find this fun link-up until late Sunday evening (when I say late I mean 11pm). The internet connection here is acting up, so I couldn’t get things posted in time.
Oh well, I hope you enjoy reading and will add this link-up to your blog if you have one!!
1. Gum or mints?
Mints more than gum.
2. Tea or Coffee?
I definitely drink more coffee than tea.  I usually only drink hot tea when I am sick.
3. Fruits or Veggies?
I love fruits! ! Strawberries, blueberries, grapes, etc.!
4. TV or Movies?
I do not watch either much unless it is to watch the favorites Tim and I have that we watch together.  Tim definitely watches TV more than I do!   I watch YouTube more than either to be honest!
5. Candles or Diffusers?
Candles, but I love Scentsy Burners best!  :)
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OH…. “My Summer” where have you gone?



As I am sitting here on our, much anticipated from the day it ends one summer ’til the day it begins again the next year, family trip to the beach in South Carolina; I can’t believe where this summer has gone.   See, Spring and Summer are my two favorite seasons.  Spring for the bright colors of the new life in the blooms of the flowering trees and many annuals and perennials, and Summer for the days I treasure having my kids home while having less stressed days without a schedule.  While pondering this summer; I look back and realize just how fast the time has passed.

I always look back and ponder on what I had hoped in my mind would take place during the summer and what actually did.   Although the two usually never coincide and that makes me sad while making me realize just how I need to be more deliberate in what I want to happen or my chances are going to pass me by. Our summer has been busy but the time is still too short for what all I had hoped it would be.

Although I dreamed of having a pedicure each month of the season; I only had my first last week, thus the photo above.  Our time together is never long or often enough, but a visit with my best friend, Dana,  was much anticipated and happily enjoyed.  My kids and I went on our yearly Independence Day week vacation with my Mom here at the beach, but it was different because Meghan and Zach had to leave early. Zach took part in two different computer camps and Carson took part in a two week wilderness camp the first two weeks of summer break.  We usually all travel to the beach for our end of the year vacation together as a family, but this year Meghan will be joining us later after she finishes her summer semester in Cosmetology.  Although we did get in some of what I hoped to, we still may miss out on several things that I had in mind.  Going to Cherokee, NC and Pigeon Forge, TN was something I really wanted to do.  I’m hoping maybe and early Fall trip will be in our future.  Each summer I have thoughts of taking my kids to an amusement park of some type and so far we haven’t gotten there.  We have a beautiful state park at a local lake in our area that we have never visited and I hoped to get that first in, once or twice this summer.  Although I haven’t been to my Mom’s pool once; my kids have been a couple of times. I usually read at least two books and so far I haven’t finished more than 30 pages in one book!!

Yes, I know, the old saying goes that I still have “tomorrow”, “next week”, or “next summer” but you know… do I really?  We never really know.  I am realizing through experiences these past few years that… I need to savor every day and make it all it can be.  I need to be more deliberate! I need to do more of what I dream to do and not what I feel I should be doing only to realize it really wasn’t the “important” stuff.

So, now I am looking toward our next two seasons, which are my least favorite for many reasons.  I still have a few short weeks to live and enjoy this season and I plan to make each day count!  Who knows,  I may still get in some of those things I had hoped to. Through my thinking this evening I realize it is time to get going and just make it happen.  As I am learning more and more every day… life is full of change but that change doesn’t have to keep us from what we enjoy and love.  I have wanted for months to get back to my blog on a more regular basis, and I am making that happen NOW!!  I am going to start doing more and more of what is in my heart to accomplish.

I hope that you will come along with me as I make my time more deliberate and start living as I dream to!!  It’s up to me… I am going to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!


Pedicure Photo Details:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Nail Color is Secrets by China Glaze and my shoes are from Avon and a favorite this summer.  I have received many compliments on both.


Who am I?


Lisa T. King

November Baby,  Nineteen Hundred Seventy

Daughter, Wife, Mom, and Friend

Saved and Baptized

I love my family first and foremost.

I love my husband more than I show him.

Being a Mom is my greatest Blessing!

I am thankful for my friends.




Always try to do my best as a wife and a mother, although I honestly never feel successful.

Trying to work toward getting out of the pit my life is currently in.

I think children are our greatest treasures!

Adopted by my Dad



Stay at Home Mom!

I don’t like competition and am very non-competitive.  (Married to the very opposite!)

I wish I felt more accomplished.

Purple and Pink brighten my day!

I miss my Dad and Nanny EVERY DAY!!

I LOVE Books!

I enjoy Computers, Photography and Scrapbooking.

Do not trust easily!


Depression is a part of my life.

Believe in the POWER of prayer!

Feel very alone, even though people are always around me.

Always want the best for my children.

Sweets are my weakness.

Spring is my favorite Season.

I absolutely LOVE Babies!

I decided to do this post to help me reflect on myself. I have always heard it is hard to actually write down characteristics about ourselves, and that has been very true.  It has been a great experience though because it has helped me to see what I am feeling at this time in my life.  Life is an ever changing journey and reflecting on where we are now can help us to see where we might want to head later.  I look forward to seeing the years ahead and how this list will evolve!

A Moment in my Day…. Today!

In keeping up with blogging every day in May I am supposed to share a moment in day.  This pictures is from a moment of time in my day today.  This picture depicts a moment during the Mother’s Day celebration at Wee School when the kids held up the sign stating why they loved their mothers.  I am glad that I am loved for turning on the TV, but I couldn’t help but to know “G”  loves me for more than that.  His teacher told me when going around the room and asking the kids to tell why they loved their Mom’s that a little girl mentioned the TV idea before “G’s” turn and she thought he just went with that because he does like me to turn on the TV.  I don’t care what reasons he has for loving me,   I am just glad he does!!  I know that I love him with all of my heart just like I do his sister and two brothers.  I am thankful to be a Mom.  

Too Cute Tuesday

How in the world did we go from this Cutie Patootie that used to get on the dishwasher door when I was loading it, to


this bigger handsome young boy who is now playing T-Ball?  Time sure flies.  This big boy is my baby and I can’t believe he is 5 and will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall!  Where oh Where does the time go??!!

IMG_2697How about if you link-up with and share some of your ” Too Cute” photos!  

What do I do?

Well Today, Day 6, Monday of the Every day in May Link-Up, I am supposed to answer the question:  “If you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question, ‘what do you do’?” Well since I don’t have a JOB I will share what I DO!!  I am a Stay at Home Mom.  Quite contrary to what a lot of people think… I do A LOT of THINGS while I am at home.  Some days you can’t tell what I did, but I definitely don’t sit around and eat Bon Bon’s watching Soap Operas!  (Although I sure wish the ones I kept up with were still on for background noise!)  I will share what a typical day at the King household consists of!

5:45 – 8:00

I get up to take my shower.

I try to get my clothes on and hair dried to a certain degree of presentable.

Tim gets up and get Z up for his shower.

I try to check my email and the weather.

I get C and G up and we head downstairs for breakfast.

I start packing lunches while refilling drinks, cereal bowls, or any other request my three little guys have.

Make sure C is getting his hair and teeth brushed.  Have Z help me get G dressed.

Have all lunches and bags ready to go for going to school.  (We are in a carpool and every other week I have to take Z to school.)

Z is picked up or we have to head out to take him first before heading to the elementary school with C and another boy from our neighborhood.  G goes with us as well.

If Z is picked up we do not leave for the elementary school until this time.  The boys have to go to the gym until 7:50 so they prefer not to get to school before that.

Come home around 8:00

On, M, W, Th I get G finished getting ready.  He brushes his teeth and hair and we gather his book bag.

We head to Wee School for 8:30 drop off.

Every day I try to do my kitchen clean up, make beds, vacuum,  start laundry, empty dishwasher, etc. , the things that need to be done to keep the house manageable.   I will usually use the  days G is at Wee School to do things I can do easier without a child in tow, such as going to the Dr., going shopping for clothes, gifts, groceries, household items, etc., running other errands, or I will come home to do things I need quiet time to complete such as making phone calls, paying bills, computer work, etc.

I pick G up at 12:30.  We come home and I continue with whatever I need to finish up before our afternoon starts.

On Monday and Friday after getting Z and C off to their schools, G and I come home and work on all of those normal daily jobs and then other things that are on my To-Do list to tackle or G and I do some playing or having fun time doing things.  

Every day, G and I head out at 2:45 to start afternoon pick up.  We go and get C first and then Z.  Then we head home.  I get snacks for the boys and let them take some time to decompress from school.

4:00 C starts homework and I go through his planner or Take Home Tuesday while in the same room to help if he has homework questions.

5:00 We start our evening.  Each day is different but our usual activities consist of us having supper,  the boys play, we go to activities they are involved in, and usually head upstairs for bath time no later than 8:00.  Then the boys play until about 8:30 and we get them in bed.  Z goes to bed by 9:30.  Then Tim and I have some time to talk and he is asleep by 10:00 and I try to get to sleep by midnight.

Left Top to Bottom Right:  These are a few pictures from my day today.  I vacuumed, G played his 3DS, I packed lunch and got some extra bags of snacks bagged up for the rest of the week, cleaned up our new kitchen table from breakfast.  (C picked out these flowers for me on Saturday when going to the store with his Dad. I love them!)

What I DOSo that is What I Do on a typical day/week!!  Of course,  things happen that cause my days to get changed around and then I have to play catch up on the things I don’t get done.  I do not ever feel totally caught up on any chore. There is always something to do in a house of 5 (while M is at college) or 6.  I am learning that I need time for myself and need to get that in my schedule as well.  I am trying to get the bigger projects taken care of so I can feel more comfortable taking that time.  I know I am a better Wife and Mom when I have time to decompress!


Weekend Recap

Our weekend was sadly spent indoors.  I didn’t feel well starting on Friday afternoon. It was windy and cold and had just been dreary all day. It rained all day Saturday so it was kind of a good day to just stay in and hang out especially since I wasn’t feeling well.  I worked on catching up here on the blog.  I enjoyed making some posts for the Link-Up.  It was great getting some new things posted. Although I haven’t told many people about my blog,  so I don’t have many readers,  I still enjoy writing.  It is kind of therapeutic to just be in touch with my own feelings especially with what life is throwing at me right now.   It continued to rain the the WHOLE weekend.  I stayed home and didn’t go to church.  C and Z weren’t feeling well either and I felt I just needed to be with them and stay home to get well myself.   The worst of the rain was supposed to take place on Sunday and it sure did as the day progressed.  The temperature never got to 60 degrees and was definitely not a typical Spring day of May here in the south.  I went out in the garage and continued on my quest of cleaning out and organizing.  I think getting rid of that clutter and having a place for everything will help me feel more at ease with less clutter on my mind.   We worried all night about the creek at my Mom’s house.  She has a creek at the bottom of her land and it was getting higher and higher.  As of this morning it had not overflown, thank goodness!  The kids were on a two hour delay today and I went by to get some videos and pictures.  We are supposed to get more rain today and tomorrow.  I sure hope that this rain will end and that the “creek don’t continue to rise”!  The weekend wasn’t real eventful but it wasn’t a bad one, so that is GOOD!    05052013CreekRise

People will never forget how you made them feel…


Today I will be caught up with my posting for the link up to Blog Every Day in May.  Today on Day 4, Saturday I am supposed to post about my favorite quote (from a person, from a book, etc) and then share why I love it.  Well my favorite quote by Maya Angelou is pictured above.  I love this quote because I believe we are supposed to treat others as we want to be treated. I honestly believe that this quote is true.  We do not always remember words but we have a hard time forgetting feelings.

I’m Uncomfortable

Ok,  In keeping on with catching up on the Link-Up  Blog Every Day in May I am going to post about:    Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable.

There are many things that can make me uncomfortable but today I will post about a few that come to my mind.
1. Being Confined:  I do not at all like to be in any type of confinement.  I do not like to be held down, held tightly, being in tight places, being in a crowd,  etc. I am not sure why these situations make me uncomfortable.  I do not have a recollection of anything happening to me that would be the cause, but I sure know that it makes me uncomfortable.

2.  People Who Treat Others Inferior:  I do not at all like to be around anyone that makes me think  they are better than me or others.  Treat me or someone I am around this way and you will definitely not be someone I will ever be comfortable  or want to be around.

3.  Talking in Front of a Group:  I just don’t like standing up and all eyes being on me.  It is something I have worked on and no matter how much I try I never have gotten myself used to it.  I start to sweat, get nervous, and just get tongue tied while speaking.  This is just not something for me.  Maybe it goes back to my last item of not wanting others to feel inferior.  To me when you stand up and make people listen you are showing superiority to a certain degree so maybe that is why I am not comfortable.  Anyway, Sit me down in a room of people and I will sit and conversate all day, but don’t have me stand up or I will clam up!

I am sure those of you that know me best can come up with some things that they know make me uncomfortable. We all have these vices and know what they are.  We may not always understand why we have them,  but we know they are real.  It’s great to sit and think about them and reflect on them.

Not the typical…. Adoption

Today, I am catching up on the Link-up that I mentioned yesterday. Day 2, Thursday, May 2: I am supposed to educate you on something I know a lot about or are good at. Well I am not sure I know A LOT  and I am certainly NOT an expert on this subject, but I am very well aware of how it has touched my life.  I mentioned in my last post that my Mom was a single mom when I was born and that  I was adopted by my Dad.  Well, adoption, is something that has been a big part of my life that I do not openly talk about.   Although it is a big part of my  life, I don’t even know how to adequately express my inner most feelings about it!  I saw a a picture with a quote on Facebook yesterday, that,  for the first time, helped me to have the words that described what happens to me when when I try to explain how my being adopted has touch my life.


This post is supposed to tell about something we know a lot about or are good at.  I am not sure I am good at being adopted, but I do know a lot about the  feelings I have about it.  I also have a pretty clear knowledge that many other adoptees share many of the same feelings that I do.  I have always had an attraction to want to talk to others that were adopted to see if what I was feeling was common and normal.  I haven’t been able to get my questions cleared up by other adoptees, but through counseling many times I have found out  that many of these feelings are quite common among others that were adopted.  Although, my adoption is a bit different because I was only adopted by one parent and I did not find out I was adopted until I was 13 years old, I know that we have similar thought processes that go on in our minds about our adoption.  I think we all can’t help but wonder:  Why didn’t or birth parent want to have us in their lives?  What was the circumstance that brought them to the decision to decide they didn’t want to be a parent to us.  What do they look like?  What does our extended family look like?  What were they like?  What are they like now?  Do I have any of their personality traits?  Did I get my curly hair from them?  Are they good people?  Do they ever wonder about me?  Do they wish they knew me?  Are they happy?Do they have a good life?  Do they have other children?   All of these and so much more have been questions I have wondered about through the years on either one or many occasions. I can’t help but to know that others that are adopted have wondered the same things.

I have also had many feelings about being adopted.  I am not sure that all of these hold true for other adoptees due to the fact our circumstances are different but I am sure some of them are pretty common.   I have wanted to feel like I belonged.  I knew I belonged  to the family I had,  since learning I was adopted, but  there has  always been a part of me that has felt detached  or just different from them.  I have wanted to get over the feeling of worrying the people I loved would want to leave. This feeling, again, maybe from me not finding out I was adopted until I was 13 and feeling like the life I had was gone and I was forced to live a life different from what I thought mine was all those years. I have wanted to be confident in who I am in all aspects of my life.  Most of all I have just wanted the whole situation to not be a part of my life.  I just wanted my life to be totally “real” in all ways.  I wanted to be a biological part of my family so I wouldn’t forever feel different.

I also know, or would think, that all adoptees feel a forever gratefulness to the people that cared enough about us to make us a part of their family.  I never for once wasn’t thankful to my Dad for the life he gave me or to his family for their willingness to allow me to be a part of their family.  I had a great life and knew I was loved just for the sheer fact that my Dad chose to be my father.  I think that knowing someone actually wanted you as theirs is a feeling that people who are not adopted will never have the priviledge of feeling.

So, in being adopted I know that many of the questions and feelings I have had in my life have also been very similar to what others that have been adopted would feel. I always feel a closeness to other people when I find out they were adopted.  It is almost like we are a clique of our own with the knowledge of what it feels like that can’t be felt by others nor can we easily explain.  I wouldn’t change who I am for a minute.  I know it has brought me where God had planned for me to be.  I am thankful daily for every experience that I have been given through the fact that I am a product of adoption.