I’m Uncomfortable

Ok,  In keeping on with catching up on the Link-Up  Blog Every Day in May I am going to post about:    Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable.

There are many things that can make me uncomfortable but today I will post about a few that come to my mind.
1. Being Confined:  I do not at all like to be in any type of confinement.  I do not like to be held down, held tightly, being in tight places, being in a crowd,  etc. I am not sure why these situations make me uncomfortable.  I do not have a recollection of anything happening to me that would be the cause, but I sure know that it makes me uncomfortable.

2.  People Who Treat Others Inferior:  I do not at all like to be around anyone that makes me think  they are better than me or others.  Treat me or someone I am around this way and you will definitely not be someone I will ever be comfortable  or want to be around.

3.  Talking in Front of a Group:  I just don’t like standing up and all eyes being on me.  It is something I have worked on and no matter how much I try I never have gotten myself used to it.  I start to sweat, get nervous, and just get tongue tied while speaking.  This is just not something for me.  Maybe it goes back to my last item of not wanting others to feel inferior.  To me when you stand up and make people listen you are showing superiority to a certain degree so maybe that is why I am not comfortable.  Anyway, Sit me down in a room of people and I will sit and conversate all day, but don’t have me stand up or I will clam up!

I am sure those of you that know me best can come up with some things that they know make me uncomfortable. We all have these vices and know what they are.  We may not always understand why we have them,  but we know they are real.  It’s great to sit and think about them and reflect on them.