A Moment in my Day…. Today!

In keeping up with blogging every day in May I am supposed to share a moment in day.  This pictures is from a moment of time in my day today.  This picture depicts a moment during the Mother’s Day celebration at Wee School when the kids held up the sign stating why they loved their mothers.  I am glad that I am loved for turning on the TV, but I couldn’t help but to know “G”  loves me for more than that.  His teacher told me when going around the room and asking the kids to tell why they loved their Mom’s that a little girl mentioned the TV idea before “G’s” turn and she thought he just went with that because he does like me to turn on the TV.  I don’t care what reasons he has for loving me,   I am just glad he does!!  I know that I love him with all of my heart just like I do his sister and two brothers.  I am thankful to be a Mom.