Who am I?


Lisa T. King

November Baby,  Nineteen Hundred Seventy

Daughter, Wife, Mom, and Friend

Saved and Baptized

I love my family first and foremost.

I love my husband more than I show him.

Being a Mom is my greatest Blessing!

I am thankful for my friends.




Always try to do my best as a wife and a mother, although I honestly never feel successful.

Trying to work toward getting out of the pit my life is currently in.

I think children are our greatest treasures!

Adopted by my Dad



Stay at Home Mom!

I don’t like competition and am very non-competitive.  (Married to the very opposite!)

I wish I felt more accomplished.

Purple and Pink brighten my day!

I miss my Dad and Nanny EVERY DAY!!

I LOVE Books!

I enjoy Computers, Photography and Scrapbooking.

Do not trust easily!


Depression is a part of my life.

Believe in the POWER of prayer!

Feel very alone, even though people are always around me.

Always want the best for my children.

Sweets are my weakness.

Spring is my favorite Season.

I absolutely LOVE Babies!

I decided to do this post to help me reflect on myself. I have always heard it is hard to actually write down characteristics about ourselves, and that has been very true.  It has been a great experience though because it has helped me to see what I am feeling at this time in my life.  Life is an ever changing journey and reflecting on where we are now can help us to see where we might want to head later.  I look forward to seeing the years ahead and how this list will evolve!