Sunday Social

 Today I am linking up with Neely and Ashley for the Sunday Social link up!
I know,  I am a day late, but I didn’t find this fun link-up until late Sunday evening (when I say late I mean 11pm). The internet connection here is acting up, so I couldn’t get things posted in time.
Oh well, I hope you enjoy reading and will add this link-up to your blog if you have one!!
1. Gum or mints?
Mints more than gum.
2. Tea or Coffee?
I definitely drink more coffee than tea.  I usually only drink hot tea when I am sick.
3. Fruits or Veggies?
I love fruits! ! Strawberries, blueberries, grapes, etc.!
4. TV or Movies?
I do not watch either much unless it is to watch the favorites Tim and I have that we watch together.  Tim definitely watches TV more than I do!   I watch YouTube more than either to be honest!
5. Candles or Diffusers?
Candles, but I love Scentsy Burners best!  :)
Your turn! Answer the questions, grab their button, and link up with Neely and Ashley!