What do I do?

Well Today, Day 6, Monday of the Every day in May Link-Up, I am supposed to answer the question:  “If you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question, ‘what do you do’?” Well since I don’t have a JOB I will share what I DO!!  I am a Stay at Home Mom.  Quite contrary to what a lot of people think… I do A LOT of THINGS while I am at home.  Some days you can’t tell what I did, but I definitely don’t sit around and eat Bon Bon’s watching Soap Operas!  (Although I sure wish the ones I kept up with were still on for background noise!)  I will share what a typical day at the King household consists of!

5:45 – 8:00

I get up to take my shower.

I try to get my clothes on and hair dried to a certain degree of presentable.

Tim gets up and get Z up for his shower.

I try to check my email and the weather.

I get C and G up and we head downstairs for breakfast.

I start packing lunches while refilling drinks, cereal bowls, or any other request my three little guys have.

Make sure C is getting his hair and teeth brushed.  Have Z help me get G dressed.

Have all lunches and bags ready to go for going to school.  (We are in a carpool and every other week I have to take Z to school.)

Z is picked up or we have to head out to take him first before heading to the elementary school with C and another boy from our neighborhood.  G goes with us as well.

If Z is picked up we do not leave for the elementary school until this time.  The boys have to go to the gym until 7:50 so they prefer not to get to school before that.

Come home around 8:00

On, M, W, Th I get G finished getting ready.  He brushes his teeth and hair and we gather his book bag.

We head to Wee School for 8:30 drop off.

Every day I try to do my kitchen clean up, make beds, vacuum,  start laundry, empty dishwasher, etc. , the things that need to be done to keep the house manageable.   I will usually use the  days G is at Wee School to do things I can do easier without a child in tow, such as going to the Dr., going shopping for clothes, gifts, groceries, household items, etc., running other errands, or I will come home to do things I need quiet time to complete such as making phone calls, paying bills, computer work, etc.

I pick G up at 12:30.  We come home and I continue with whatever I need to finish up before our afternoon starts.

On Monday and Friday after getting Z and C off to their schools, G and I come home and work on all of those normal daily jobs and then other things that are on my To-Do list to tackle or G and I do some playing or having fun time doing things.  

Every day, G and I head out at 2:45 to start afternoon pick up.  We go and get C first and then Z.  Then we head home.  I get snacks for the boys and let them take some time to decompress from school.

4:00 C starts homework and I go through his planner or Take Home Tuesday while in the same room to help if he has homework questions.

5:00 We start our evening.  Each day is different but our usual activities consist of us having supper,  the boys play, we go to activities they are involved in, and usually head upstairs for bath time no later than 8:00.  Then the boys play until about 8:30 and we get them in bed.  Z goes to bed by 9:30.  Then Tim and I have some time to talk and he is asleep by 10:00 and I try to get to sleep by midnight.

Left Top to Bottom Right:  These are a few pictures from my day today.  I vacuumed, G played his 3DS, I packed lunch and got some extra bags of snacks bagged up for the rest of the week, cleaned up our new kitchen table from breakfast.  (C picked out these flowers for me on Saturday when going to the store with his Dad. I love them!)

What I DOSo that is What I Do on a typical day/week!!  Of course,  things happen that cause my days to get changed around and then I have to play catch up on the things I don’t get done.  I do not ever feel totally caught up on any chore. There is always something to do in a house of 5 (while M is at college) or 6.  I am learning that I need time for myself and need to get that in my schedule as well.  I am trying to get the bigger projects taken care of so I can feel more comfortable taking that time.  I know I am a better Wife and Mom when I have time to decompress!