OH…. “My Summer” where have you gone?



As I am sitting here on our, much anticipated from the day it ends one summer ’til the day it begins again the next year, family trip to the beach in South Carolina; I can’t believe where this summer has gone.   See, Spring and Summer are my two favorite seasons.  Spring for the bright colors of the new life in the blooms of the flowering trees and many annuals and perennials, and Summer for the days I treasure having my kids home while having less stressed days without a schedule.  While pondering this summer; I look back and realize just how fast the time has passed.

I always look back and ponder on what I had hoped in my mind would take place during the summer and what actually did.   Although the two usually never coincide and that makes me sad while making me realize just how I need to be more deliberate in what I want to happen or my chances are going to pass me by. Our summer has been busy but the time is still too short for what all I had hoped it would be.

Although I dreamed of having a pedicure each month of the season; I only had my first last week, thus the photo above.  Our time together is never long or often enough, but a visit with my best friend, Dana,  was much anticipated and happily enjoyed.  My kids and I went on our yearly Independence Day week vacation with my Mom here at the beach, but it was different because Meghan and Zach had to leave early. Zach took part in two different computer camps and Carson took part in a two week wilderness camp the first two weeks of summer break.  We usually all travel to the beach for our end of the year vacation together as a family, but this year Meghan will be joining us later after she finishes her summer semester in Cosmetology.  Although we did get in some of what I hoped to, we still may miss out on several things that I had in mind.  Going to Cherokee, NC and Pigeon Forge, TN was something I really wanted to do.  I’m hoping maybe and early Fall trip will be in our future.  Each summer I have thoughts of taking my kids to an amusement park of some type and so far we haven’t gotten there.  We have a beautiful state park at a local lake in our area that we have never visited and I hoped to get that first in, once or twice this summer.  Although I haven’t been to my Mom’s pool once; my kids have been a couple of times. I usually read at least two books and so far I haven’t finished more than 30 pages in one book!!

Yes, I know, the old saying goes that I still have “tomorrow”, “next week”, or “next summer” but you know… do I really?  We never really know.  I am realizing through experiences these past few years that… I need to savor every day and make it all it can be.  I need to be more deliberate! I need to do more of what I dream to do and not what I feel I should be doing only to realize it really wasn’t the “important” stuff.

So, now I am looking toward our next two seasons, which are my least favorite for many reasons.  I still have a few short weeks to live and enjoy this season and I plan to make each day count!  Who knows,  I may still get in some of those things I had hoped to. Through my thinking this evening I realize it is time to get going and just make it happen.  As I am learning more and more every day… life is full of change but that change doesn’t have to keep us from what we enjoy and love.  I have wanted for months to get back to my blog on a more regular basis, and I am making that happen NOW!!  I am going to start doing more and more of what is in my heart to accomplish.

I hope that you will come along with me as I make my time more deliberate and start living as I dream to!!  It’s up to me… I am going to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!


Pedicure Photo Details:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Nail Color is Secrets by China Glaze and my shoes are from Avon and a favorite this summer.  I have received many compliments on both.