Weekend Recap

Our weekend was sadly spent indoors.  I didn’t feel well starting on Friday afternoon. It was windy and cold and had just been dreary all day. It rained all day Saturday so it was kind of a good day to just stay in and hang out especially since I wasn’t feeling well.  I worked on catching up here on the blog.  I enjoyed making some posts for the Link-Up.  It was great getting some new things posted. Although I haven’t told many people about my blog,  so I don’t have many readers,  I still enjoy writing.  It is kind of therapeutic to just be in touch with my own feelings especially with what life is throwing at me right now.   It continued to rain the the WHOLE weekend.  I stayed home and didn’t go to church.  C and Z weren’t feeling well either and I felt I just needed to be with them and stay home to get well myself.   The worst of the rain was supposed to take place on Sunday and it sure did as the day progressed.  The temperature never got to 60 degrees and was definitely not a typical Spring day of May here in the south.  I went out in the garage and continued on my quest of cleaning out and organizing.  I think getting rid of that clutter and having a place for everything will help me feel more at ease with less clutter on my mind.   We worried all night about the creek at my Mom’s house.  She has a creek at the bottom of her land and it was getting higher and higher.  As of this morning it had not overflown, thank goodness!  The kids were on a two hour delay today and I went by to get some videos and pictures.  We are supposed to get more rain today and tomorrow.  I sure hope that this rain will end and that the “creek don’t continue to rise”!  The weekend wasn’t real eventful but it wasn’t a bad one, so that is GOOD!    05052013CreekRise