Closet Catastrophe

Sunday night, well really Monday morning,  I was awakened by a crash that sounded like Carson and Grayson’s beds were falling. I wondered how that could be because they have a new bedroom set.   I woke Tim up and we went to check to see what had happened.  We couldn’t find anything wrong in their bedroom.  We looked around some more and couldn’t find what it might be.  Since it was 2 am we really didn’t want to check any further; we wanted to go back to sleep.  As I went into the bathroom before getting back in bed I saw what the noise really was….

ClosetCatastropheWhat a mess!!  I had Tim come in to look and we both just sighed and knew we didn’t need to worry with it until today, so we got in bed and went back to sleep.  So today I had to clean out my side of the closet and make room for someone to come and fix it.

As a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) I get discouraged on an almost daily basis because I feel like I can never get caught up.   My saying always is,  “I get one step forward and get knocked three steps back.”   I have been wondering all day if this is my punishment for being caught up on  laundry or if it just means I have to many clothes and need to clean some out!  I am thinking probably the latter,  and as I start putting the clothes back tonight I plan to do just that!  Even though there is snow falling all around us, I guess Spring Cleaning for my closet it soon to happen.