The Fairy Godmothers



I am a member of a service group in our town.  We do a project every year called “Prom Project”.  We consider ourselves “Fairy Godmother’s” for a couple of days.  This pictures includes some of those ladies, I wasn’t there during this time,  that take time out to work the project.  One Thursday evening  and a Saturday in March we set up in a local church for girls to come and choose from hundreds of prom dresses, shoes, and accessories.   The items   have been donated to the group for the girls to take home and wear for their prom.  On Thursday evening we open it to our local deaf school.  Those students live in dorms and go home on the weekends, therefore,  they are not available to come on the Saturday that we open for the public.  I have only worked on Thursday nights and on Saturday for clean up, but I will tell you it is such a blessing to witness the girls picking out their dresses.  They enjoy trying on the different dresses they choose and then are so excited when they finally decide on the one dress that is perfect for them. I love hearing the giggles, seeing the smiles, and just feeling the excitement from them getting to pick out a dress that will make them feel like “Cinderella” for a day.  They always come up to check out with huge smiles on their faces and are so proud of the items they have chosen.  What a feeling it is to know that you have been involved in something that is creating some happiness in someones life.

Hebrews 13:16  And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased